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Our Story

In November of 2013, Eat Real Café opened its doors set out to provide a quick-service stop for healthy food and drinks. Our focus is to be transparent about every item that makes up the range of foods we offer. Everything from the type of flour we use to the origins of how our fruits and vegetables are being harvested. We don’t use hydrogenated oils, we don’t offer anything with corn syrup, and our produce comes from reputable farmers that have been certified USDA organic.

Hundreds of hours in research have been spent to help bring food education to the forefront of what we do. In this ever-changing world of advanced technology and new methods of farming and producing food, we feel obligated to keep up with what is going on in the world. We keep informed by attending trade shows, reading clinical studies and maintaining a close relationship with our food providers.

We are making sure that Eat Real Café offers food that will propel the human body without ever compromising taste.

We feel that you should just “EAT REAL.”

Mission Statement

We are committed to serve you the finest ingredients of nature’s bounty. We support Organic Farmers and Fair Trade. Our business is run as we run our own households, feeding you like family. We believe food is your medicine and what you consume will promote overall well being. We believe being healthy is happiness. We believe you should just “eat real”

Core Values

Real Unity

Success driven by each team member bringing their own unique voices to the eat real bowl

Leaving A Footprint

Decisions made to benefit our guests, team members and environment

You Matter

Providing healthy food that nourishes the body

Community Responsibility

A belief in giving back

Healthy Choices

Health education to support personal well-being