Our Story

Why is it so hard to find delicious healthy food?

Why is it that the majority of foods offered are doused in grease and being cooked with so many things that are bad for us?

Is it possible to cook amazing food and not have to be afraid of consuming 3000 calories a seating?

These were the questions that we were asking ourselves every time we would try to go out and eat something healthy. We wanted to nourish our bodies instead of slipping us into a tragic food coma. We want it to taste great and also be healthy. Is it just too much to ask for?

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In November of 2013, Eat Real Café opened its doors set out to provide a quick-service stop for healthy food and drinks. Our focus is to be transparent about every item that makes up the range of foods we offer. Everything from the type of flour we use to the origins of how our fruits and vegetables are being harvested. We don’t use Hydrogenated oils, we don’t offer anything with corn syrup, and our produce comes from reputable farmers that have been certified USDA organic.

Hundreds of hours in research have been spent to help bring food education to the forefront of what we do. In this ever-changing world of advanced technology and new methods of farming and producing food, we feel obligated to keep up with what is going on in the world. We keep informed by attending trade shows, reading clinical studies and maintaining a close relationship with our food providers.

We are making sure that Eat Real Café offers food that will propel the human body without every compromising taste.

We feel that you should just “EAT REAL.”