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Organic Fresh Pressed Juice

Our organic juices are pressed to preserve the nutrients & enzymes. We make your juice fresh to order. Drinking fresh juice is a good way to maintain a healthy and strong lifestyle.


Oranges – Lemon – Beets – Apple – Carrot Stimulates Cells and Liver 5.85

Simply Detox

Celery – Spinach – Kale – Cucumber – Lemon Oxygenate and Release Stored Toxins 5.85


Celery – Cucumber – Lemon – Apple – Turmeric – Potassium & Electrolytes, Alleviates Sore Muscles 5.85

Real Flu Shot

Carrot – Apple – Lemon – Ginger – Kale Boost your Immune and Fight Inflammation 5.85

Kick Start

Spinach – Celery – Apples Get rid of the Mid-Afternoon Sluggish Feeling  5.85


Kale – Carrot – Beet – Apple Iron, Folic Acid, and Energy. Have a great workout! 5.85

Cleanse & Be Happy

Apple – Lemon – Ginger – Cayenne – Turmeric Stimulate your inside and feel great! 5.85


Carrot – Orange High in Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C Boost 5.85

Amp up Your Life!

Add a shot of our life boost. All of our powder boost are certified USDA Organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free. They contain no dairy, soy, yeast, or artificial flavors or preservatives.

Acai Amp- Antioxidant
Camu Camu – Vitamin C
Chia Seed – Omega3 Boost
Hemp Amp- Protein Boost
Maca Amp- Energy Boost
Matcha – Oxygen Boost
Spirulina- Immune Boost


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 12 oz. $3.99
Fresh Pressed Apple Juice 12 oz. $5.85
Fresh Pressed Carrot Juice 12 oz. $5.85

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Organic Black Tea


Our Ceylon comes from Sri Lanka, located 4,000 feet in altitude yielding a rich leaf.

Caramel Pu-erh

An aged Chinese tea with flavors of toffee, caramel and pieces of almond. Known as the weight loss tea!

English Breakfast

A broken Assam powerful and aromatic with a spicy bouquet.

Earl Grey

An exotic Assam with oil of bergamot, that has a heady aroma and a classic taste.


A tea from India, 2 miles from city of Darjeeling.The is a pure grade tea, second flush.

Peachy Keen

A wonderful combination of peaches and apricots.


A luxury Chinese brown tea, from the Fujian region 2,500 feet altitude.

Organic Green Tea


A Chinese hand picked green tea with a sweet leaf and a bit of astringency.

Jasmine Green

A green tea with jasmine blossoms that makes a wonderful floral brew. Great for hydrating and great with meals.

Long Island Strawberry

A green tea blended with strawberries, oranges, lemon, and marigolds.


A high grade Japanese green tea harvested in the shade, to raise the level of chlorophyll. This tea is dried and ground into powder, the healthiest of teas.

Yerba Mate

Power Mate

Our signature blend of organic mate, rooibos, mango, strawberries, marigold, lemongrass and roses. A great energy tea full of wonderful flavors.

Organic Caffeine Free

Fruity Berry

A brew of berries, currants, raisins, rosehips and hibiscus. Do not add any dairy or soy because the acid will make it curdle.

Winter Rooibos

A spicy blend of chocolate, mint, vanilla and a hint of coconut.

Organic Roots and Flowers

Chamomile   Hibiscus   Lavender   Peppermint   Roses

Hot Tea 16 oz. $3.89
Iced Tea 24 oz. $3.99
Organic Coffee 16 oz. $2.19